Edith Cavell Exhibition

An exhibition consisting of 22 panels was created to present the story of Edith Cavell and the many individuals, such as Philippe Baucq, Louise Thuliez, Marie de Cröy and Hermann Capiau, who worked with her to save lives and assist allied soldiers and civilians escape Belgium in the first period of World War One.

The exhibition opened at the "Doyenné-Maison des Arts d'Uccle" on Friday 9th October 2015 for three weeks and was subsequently shown at the "Hergé Library" in the Brussels commune of Etterbeek, the European Parliament, the Edith Cavell Hospital, the Chapel for Europe, the Belgian Resistance Museum and the small town of Maroilles in northern France.

The Uccle exhibition also included a grandiose graphic representation, measuring 3 metres x 2.5 metres, depicting the so-called "Cavell Network" by naming some 179 individuals covering 3 regions, namely the north of France, Mons and Brussels, and their known links. This extraordinary work was sculpted by Jehanne Paternostre based on research carried out by Emmanuel Debruyne and his students at the University of Louvain La Neuve in Belgium.

Exhibition at the Maison du Doyenné, Uccle, Brussels

  • Le Doyenné - Maison des Arts d'Uccle
  • La famille Cavell - Exhibition Panel #1
  • BECCG's Debora Delheusy's Cavell dolls
  • Marie Depage - Edith Cavell medallion on loan from the Erasmus Hospital
  • Cavell memory montage by the artist Jehanne Paternostre
  • Invitation card - Miss Cavell, le parcours d'une infirmiere et résistante britannique à Bruxelles
  • Poster - Miss Cavell, le parcours d'une infirmiere et résistante britannique à Bruxelles
  • Vernissage exhibition Edith Cavell
  • Vernissage, Katie Cavell meets the public applauded by Armand De Decker and Andrew Brown
  • Vernissage exhibition Edith Cavell
  • Vernissage exhibition Edith Cavell
  • Artist Jehanne Paternostre sculpting the graphic representation of the Cavell Network
  • Emmanuel Debruyne and his Louvain La Neuve University research students in front of the graphic representation of the Cavell Network
  • BECCG's Graham Keen explains
  • School visit with BECCG's Ian Boag

Exhibition Bibliothèque Hergé Etterbeek, Brussels

  • Invitation Etterbeek Exhibition
  • Portraits Edith Cavell
  • Andrew Brown addresses a school visit
  • Debora Delheusy talks about her dolls
  • Ian Boag recounts

Exhibition European Parliament, Brussels

  • European Parliament Exhibition Poster
  • Richard Howitt MEP opens the exhibition
  • Hugh Boudin addresses the the participants
  • Exhibition European Parliament
  • Andrew Brown, Hugh Boudin, Richard Howitt, Debora Delheusy
  • Richard Howitt presents the exhibition at Bedford School, UK

Exhibition at the Edith Cavell Clinic, Brussels

  • Edith Cavell Clinic
  • Edith Cavell Clinic
  • Edith Cavell Clinic
  • Edith Cavell Clinic

Exhibition at Maroilles, France

  • Maroilles - Salles des Fêtes
  • Maroilles - Salles des Fêtes
  • Exhibition Maroilles, article Voix du Nord

Inauguration of the Edith Cavell bust - Parc Montjoie Uccle

The Edith Cavell bust was unveiled in the Parc Montjoie, Uccle on 12th October 2015 by Britain's Princess Anne and Belgium's Princess Astrid. The bust is the work of the Belgian artist Nathalie Lambert and was commissioned by the Brussels commune of Uccle.

  • Unveiling of the Edith Cavell bust
  • Edith Cavell bust
  • Princess Anne meets the children
  • Princess Astrid
  • Enthusiastic participants
  • Andrée Dumon (WW2 heroine), Nathalie Lambert (Sculptress) and Princess Anne
  • Edith Cavell and Katie Cavell
  • Invitation - Inauguration à la mémoire d'Edith Cavell
  • Invitation - Inauguration à la mémoire d'Edith Cavell

Senate Commemoration Event

On 12th October 2015 Senate President Christine Defraigne hosted an Edith Cavell commemoration event in the Belgian Senate Chamber where Edith Cavell had been tried some one hundred years previously. This event was attended by Britain's Princess Anne and Belgium's Princess Astrid.

The Senate photos are the copyright of Guy Goossens - the Belgian Senate
  • Princess Anne and Princess Astrid arriving
  • Andrew Brown, BECCG Chairman addresses the Senate
  • Diana Souhami, author of a Cavell biography, addresses the Senate
  • Sophie Creusot a descendant of Edith Cavell reads Edith's last letter to her nurses
  • Princess Anne addresses the Senate
  • Princess Astrid addresses the Senate
  • Laying of the wreaths
  • British School choir sings: Abide with Me
  • Christine Defraigne, Princess Astrid, Princess Anne, Timothy Laurence
  • The Senate Chamber
  • The Senate Chamber
  • The Senate Chamber

Cavell Mass at Holy Trinity

The Cavell Mass was commissioned by the Belgian Edith Cavell Commemoration Group (BECCG) to commemorate the Centenary of Nurse Cavell's execution. It is a setting of the full text of the Mass, with a duration of twenty minutes and is scored for SATB soli and chorus, with a small orchestra of trumpets, timpani, strings, and organ. It is based on the theme of the hymn 'Abide With Me', sung by Edith Cavell on the evening before her execution.

The Cavell Mass was performed for the first time at Holy Trinity Pro-Cathedral, Brussels on Saturday 10th October 2015.

  • Debora Delheusy reads Edith Cavell's last letter
  • Composer David Mitchell conducts the Cavell Mass
  • Performing the Cavell Mass
  • Soloists, choir and orchestra
  • With descendants of Edith Cavell
  • Cavell Mass concert Poster
  • Cavell Mass Music Score

Film "Dawn"

"Dawn" is a 1928 silent film directed by Herbert Wilcox and starring Sybil Thorndike in the role of Edith Cavell. Much of the film was shot in Brussels including in the Belgian Senate.

The film was restored by the "Cinématique Royale de Belgique" in 2015. The restored version was shown in Brussels at the Uccle Cultural Centre for the first time on 28th October 2015. The accompanying music was composed and presented by Stéphane Orlando and his fellow musicians.

  • Film Dawn: Edith Cavell Story
  • Film Dawn, street poster
  • Film Dawn, Uccle Commune invitation

Cavell House at the British School of Brussels

The Opening of Cavell House at the British School of Brussels.
Cavell House was opened by Ambassador Alison Rose on 16th October 2015. It is a dedicated parents' centre.
In November 2014 The British School performed the play "A Tender Hear" written, produced and acted by pupils and staff.

  • Katie Cavell at the British School
  • Ambassador Alison Rose unveils the plaque
  • Cavell House Plaque
  • A Tender Heart, a play performed by pupils at the British School

Other Events

  • Holy Trinity Commemoration Service 2015 Poster
  • Holy Trinity Commemoration Service 11th October 2015
  • Inauguration of the Cavell Chapel at Holy Trinity, 12 January 2017
  • Exhibition at the European Chapel Dec 2015
  • BECCG's Hugh Boudin presents his book about Edith Cavell at the Uccle Book Fair, 2015

Edith Cavell Passion Paintings

The Sts Michel and Gudule Cathedral in Brussels hosted the 14 Edith Cavell Passion Paintings from 12th July to 27th August 2015.
These paintings were painted by Brian Whelan for Norwich Cathedral as part of the Edith Cavell Centenary Commemoration.
They are now hanging in Norwich Cathedral.

The photographs were taken at the inauguration on Sunday 12th July 2015.

  • Edith Cavell Passion Paintings by Brial Whelan - © photo Vincent Vandendriessche
  • Le Chemin de Croix d'Edith Cavell, patriote et chrétienne - La Libre Belgique July 2015
  • Norwich Cathedral Canon Peter Doll. BECCG-Andrew Brown. HE Ambassador Alison Rose. BECCG-Debora Delheusy - © photo Vincent Vandendriessche
  • Chaplain to the Artists Fr Alain Arnould - © photo Vincent Vandendriessche
  • © photo Vincent Vandendriessche
  • Anglican Minister Jack Macdonald - © photo Vincent Vandendriessche
  • © photo Vincent Vandendriessche